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Our technology is appropriate for and has been utilized in markets such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, consumer electronics, and industrial systems amongst a variety of other markets.


IP Strategy Services

3C provides consultancy services pertaining to IP strategy and the establishment of technological startups.

These services are based on 3C’s own experience in developing and releasing novel technology.

The idea and experience of 3C for a successful start-up are applicable to all aspects of an existing business, including operations, supply chain, intellectual property, financing, pitch development, etc. 3C has extensive experience with components of IP strategy such as value creation, disposal, and litigation on worldwide markets.

Even though the majority of 3C’s workforce consists of scientists and engineers, we are frequently called to aid new businesses.

Microfluidics –  Micropumps

Microfluidics is recognised as a vital future technology with enormous potential in a variety of disciplines, including the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Microfluidics is the manipulation and control of extremely minute fluid amounts. Typically, this is performed on a single-purpose chip.

The benefits include the capacity to rapidly analyse and/or process extremely small volumes in a closed system. This provides a number of benefits, including a reduced risk of contamination, rapid cycle times, portability, democratisation of technology with new capabilities on a low-cost, readily available platform, and portability (compared to having to invest in a large custom laboratory or sending samples off-site).

Uses span the whole medical/pharma value chain and include Point-of-Care (POC) diagnostics, drug discovery, development, and manufacture, fluid sample delivery/extraction, and droplet formation.

3C has a variety of MEMS-based micropump and valving solutions that are utilised for various applications, and which incorporate patented USPs.


MEMS – Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems.

Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) are electromechanical systems with micrometer-sized components (1e-06 metres). MEMS devices are typically fabricated on silicon wafer substrates using many of the same techniques as computer chip fabrication (e.g. CMOS chips).

MEMS devices are crucial components of contemporary industrial and consumer goods. This is especially true when MEMS devices are integrated with CMOS electronics (digital, power, etc.) on a single monolithic chip. They are used to create sensors, actuators, and other functionally significant objects.

3C has vast experience commercialising MEMS devices and a network of commercial volume, research and development partners – from initial design to silicon foundry manufacture, packaging, and testing. This network is used to scale existing MEMS products with unique selling characteristics.


Ultrasonics devices based on MEMS offer a wide range of applications in a variety of areas. Typically, these technologies provide both the generation and detection of ultrasound. Many Tier 1 firms have successfully commercialised consumer applications, such as fingerprint sensors, gesture sensors, and range sensors.

There are numerous fascinating contemporary and emerging applications for ultrasonic applications based on MEMS. They include ultrasound devices that can be fitted onto catheters to ablate malignant tissue or stimulate cells.

For these applications, 3C’s proprietary technology has the potential to create market-leading product differentiation.