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MAPS 3D Printing

3CPT's Role

3CPT is a key partner in a consortium which will develop and upscale the introduction of powder sheet feedstock in lieu of loose metal powder into most metal AM processes.

3CPT’s role in this consortium will examine and determine the next steps in the fields of technology, IP & commercial implementation and implement a sustainable “Go-To-Market” Roadmap


Project Coordinator

Dr. Rocco Lupoi

Commercialisation Lead

Sean McConnell

Consortium Members

Funding Body


Additive manufacturing (AM) is experiencing increasingly wider adoption by automotive, aerospace, and medical industries because it unlocks new design freedoms. Metal AM methods typically use powder or wire as feedstock. Powder can either be pre-placed (with the common benchmark of Powder Bed Fusion, PBF) or blown towards the processing zone (Directed Energy Deposition, DED). Loose powder, however, shows several disadvantages:

1) Long clean-up times and labour intensive between prints

2) It is uneconomic and impractical to switch powder materials, thus not suitable for printing of functionally graded multi-material components

3) High Health & Safety requirements caused by storage of loose powders and human contact

4) High material consumption due to high amount of powder needs for supportive structure

5) High adoption cost of AM system

PosAddive will develop and then upscale a novel disruptive metal AM technology using flexible metal powder sheets, on which the powder material is attached with a newly developed binder technology to be locally transferred by a laser beam to form a new structure layer-by-layer, overcoming the problem of having loose powder in production. The unique features are the flexible variation of multi-material print by shifting the powder sheets, no machine contaminations, reduced health risks for humans, no restrictions on powder flowability and minimizing waste powder production due to easy powder sheet recycling. Those cost and technical advantages are expected to lead to a rapid acceptance by industry.

Schematic diagram detailing the powder-sheet AM process.

Preliminary studies completed by using powder-sheet feedstock for AM.